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Welcome to the SCTR Race Scholarship Page

Salt City Trail running was started because I, it's founder, saw something in running that had to be shared with everyone ... that inert ability in all of us to challenge ourselves. As stated on the "about" page I was not a runner and kept saying that's crazy to what people were doing around me.


I kept thinking, that is not something I could do ... "I'm not that strong of a runner" "I could never do that" "That's just too far ..." and so on. 

Well guess what ... it's not too far, you CAN do it, you ARE that strong and your body wants YOU to do it all you have to do is challenge yourself and get outside of your comfort zone. Comfort is something we take for granted and need to fight back. 

With this in mind I decided to start the SCTR scholarship fund where I am looking for people who are willing to challenge themselves and go outside their comfort zone the same as I did. I never thought it possible to run 100 miles, but I did ... twice ... and so can you. 

Application for SCTR Race Scholarship

Please answer the following questions with the most thought and information possible that you're willing to share. 

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Thank you for applying to the Salt City Trail Running race scholarship program! I am thrilled you have made it this far and are willing to challenge yourself in 2020, whether it is with SCTR or not. 

On January 1st, I will read through all entries and choose the top 4 with a few select SCTR members and post the stories on the website and Facebook for voting purposes. By January 31st I will announce the winner of the scholarship.

If you are selected, SCTR will reimburse you for the entry fee paid to the race. You must provide a copy/screenshot of the paid entry and if possible a link to the registrants list showing your name.

                           Thank you again!


                               Scott English

Thanks for submitting! You're application will be reviewed and hopefully posted for voting! You will recieve an email if you're one of the finalists.

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