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In 2017 we began our trail series with the inaugural Table Rock Trail Challenge. Since then we have continued to grow and offer more and more race experiences!!  Each race has quite a different experience from the others and all promise to be amazing and quite the enjoyable event. I want to give both the new to trail runners a chance to experience what it is we have fallen in love with while also offering the veterans of the sport some rather difficult challenges, ones that we want to do ourselves!

As a runner and now a race director, I wish you the ABSOLUTE best at any one of the follow races. Thank you for coming!

English's Ridge


Green Lakes State Park

April 17th , 2021


Table Rock Trail Challenge

Clark Reservation

 June 26th, 2021


Morgan Hill Meat Grinder

Morgan Hill 

September 18th, 2021


Clark 6-hour Classic

Clark Reservation


October 16th, 2021 



I am a local trail runner who has absolutely fallen in love with ultra running. I began my quest for ultra distance on the trails right here in our backyard. After going from a non-runner to an ultra runner I wanted to share my love and passion with  other runners. No better way to do that than through providing YOU the chance to run locally.

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