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A USATF Sanctioned event, in partnership with

the FLTC, NYS DEC, Private land owners, SUNY ESF and Toggenburg Mountain

Cut off Times: 
- There is no cutoff time for the half marathon
- Marathon will only have one cutoff time at aid station #3 - cutoff is 1 PM which gives you 6 hours to cover ~16.5 miles
- The 50 mile race will have a cutoff of 16 hours or 10pm. Those needing extra time may be allowed to start at 5am (for more info contact us)
- Aid stations will have specific closing times and will be published in the athlete race guide coming out early summer
- According to sunrise is at 6:55 and sunset is ALSO at 6:55 for 2021 which is super cool (see 50m below on this for more info)
Timing of the event:
- For the Marathon and Half Marathon timing will be done using our MYLaps timing system, your bib and tag must be displayed and unobstructed in order for it to read your chip. This will be YOUR responsibility if your time is not recorded it is due to bad positioning of the bib
- If you do not hear a beep when you cross the line please come right over to the timing area and let us know if you're concerned, the system is 99.9 percent effective when bibs are worn properly
- The 50m event will be timed using both the MYLaps tag on your bib PLUS we will be working with a company using GPS timing and will be able to provide real-time position on the course for anyone at home (also keep track of you out there!!)
Drop Bags/Aid Stations:
- Thanks to 2020 we have started to allow the use of drop bags for the Marathon and 50 mile races ONLY! We recommend only putting in things of non value and ask that you respect patience in your drop bags being returned to the start/finish area
- Drop bags will be allowed for the marathon at AID #3/4 ONLY (miles 16.5 and 20.5 located on Morgan Hill Road)
- 50m will have drop bags at AID #3/4 (this is different that the marathon and located on Kettlebail Rd) and at AID #5/7 which is located on Morgan Hill Rd. 
- See each course map for the location of the aid stations
50 Mile Only: 
- The start time of the 50m will be before sunrise and while the first few miles of the course may not be technical or too difficult we STRONGLY recommend starting with a headlamp to ensure your safety
- Sunset is at 6:55pm anyone expecting to be out on course past this time will be REQUIRED to leave a headlamp in their drop bag at AID #5/7 for the 50m OR carry it with you the whole time. If you start with one you will need to carry it with you as we will not transport them on course for you. 
- Additional course markings will be LIMITED to signs posted at road crossings as the the trail is marked very well, because of this participants will be RECOMMENDED to have a GPS watch with the course uploaded to it. If you have a watch but do not know how to upload a course to it we strongly recommend using Google to figure that out or we can provide assistance at packet pickup. 
- We will also have be providing small copies of the map and we recommend you download the ALLTRAILS app in order to have a backup of the course.
** If you do not have a watch capable of uploading a GPX course to it to provide a course map with directions we are currently working on a sponsorship to allow us to loan you one for the race and will update this section ASAP ... if that falls through we will work with local runners to provide a watch on loan for the race **
- This is a difficult course and we want to work with you to ensure the best possible race experience and so for the 50m we will be allowing the use of a crew limited to the area's where drop bags are accessible (aid stations #3,4, 5 and 7)
- Pacing will be allowed for runners starting at aid station 5, however there is no parking lot or anything for a pacer to leave a car. We recommend you have someone else there as crew who could drive them out there or catch a ride with another spectator/crew member. It is very unlikely we will be offering rides to drop someone off for pacing duties but will work with you to find a ride up there.
- Runners will be responsible for any items brought on the run and on the trail, please pick up after yourself or if you see garbage on the trail. Anyone who is reported to have littered along the trail will be DISQUALIFIED!!
- Trails will be open to the public so please be sure to announce your presence and use trail etiquette
- All road crossings require extreme safety and awareness on your part! Roads will not be closed but have signs posted, however use EXTREME caution when approaching a road crossing especially if coming downhill and straight into the road.
- Headphones are permitted, but I recommend talking with your fellow runners. We are trying to build a trail community in CNY and it's hard to do that if your jamming out to your music while running
For all other rules and regulations please check back or email us at
MHMG maps

Use the following links to download course map,

elevation profile and course description with photos

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