Land Owners

Landowners I want to thank you for visiting the section of my webpage that is dedicated to you. 

A few notes for you to understand of the race that I am hoping to put on. 

- The trail race is going to consist of two different race distances, a trail marathon 26.2 miles and a 15k race.

- The 26.2 race will be a loop course and the 15k will be an out and back course both will be starting at Toggenburg Mountain (trail map link will be up soon) 

- The race will run almost entirely on the grounds of Morgan hill under the guise of the DEC

- A TRP permit has been submitted with the DEC who has approved the course and is working with us to ensure everything happens within the correct guidelines

- The DOT will be notified and assisting with closing of the short 1.5 mile road section from Toggenburg to the trail head

- Insurance is being acquired through USA Track and Field that provides an insurance policy for up to $3,000,000 that will cover all involved parties including the DEC, FLT, Race Director and all landowners

Any other information or questions please reach out to me or the FLTC and we will be happy to answer any and all questions!!



Scott English - RD


Scott English

Salt City Trail Running

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Manlius, NY 13104


I am a local trail runner who has absolutely fallen in love with ultra running. I began my quest for ultra distance on the trails right here in our backyard. After going from a non-runner to an ultra runner I wanted to share my love and passion with  other runners. No better way to do that than through providing YOU the chance to run locally.

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