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Race Format

The race will be a last one standing event, being run on two different courses (Course 'A' and Course 'B') both approximately 1.2 mile loops. We say one approximately because as we all know GPS isn't perfectly accurate. Each course has approximately 50-60 feet of elevation gain. We will be utilizing two different courses for both runner and pedestrian safety. This is a TRAIL race and parts can be VERY technical and we DO NOT want anyone to risk injury just to beat the clock.

Each lap every runner will start at the exact same time and be given the exact same amount of time to finish that lap. If you finish faster you will HAVE to wait around, refuel or do whatever you need to until the start of the next lap. This creates a unique opportunity to either run fast and rest, or run at a consistent pace with no break!! PLAN AHEAD for your aid station visits! No extra time will be given for the aid station stops. 

At the start of the race we will run on course 'A'. While on course 'A' at the end of each lap we will subtract 1 minute from the time on the clock, laps 1-5 then 30 seconds 6-15.

Lap 1 - 22 min

Lap 2 - 21 min

Lap 3 - 20 min

Lap 4 - 19 min

Lap 5 - 18 min

Lap 6-15 - Take off 30 seconds per lap  **at lap 10 we switch to course B"

Lap 16-20 - 12 minutes per lap

Beyond Lap 20 - To be determined ... 


****IF you need a bathroom stop, FINISH your lap first then go. You will be allowed to start the next lap later than other competitors however, you still need to finish in the time limit ****

IF NEITHER runner is able to complete their final lap under the time limit, the first to cross the finish line will be declared the winner. 

*** THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE... Check back closer to race for a FINALIZED race plan ***

Use the following links to find course GPS and elevation profile

Laps 1-10 are Course 'A'

Laps 11-End are Course 'b'

trtc course
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