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 SCTR Training

Welcome to the new training/coaching page!

As the community continues to grow more and more within Salt City Trail Running we are excited to continue to grow with it. Our core values have always been trying to give people the opportunity to push themselves farther than they ever have before, to challenge that inner self doubt and prove yourself wrong!

Now SCTR has grown from what used to be one race with 35 entrants to a 4 race series totaling over 300 runners! This growth has come in the span of only a 4 year period at this point! AMAZING! It couldn't be done without all of you.

With feedback from current SCTR runners and the community at large we feel now is the right time to not only give people the opportunity to push themselves farther but to help you figure out how to do that!!!

"I want to help you silence that inner doubt and prove yourself wrong"

Scott English

*** Disclaimer on group runs/coaching***

Salt City Trail Running is in the business of organizing the races that are put on at various times throughout the year. SCTR is NOT in the business of providing coaching services, creating training runs or opportunities but is a mere vessel to point you in the direction of where to find these opportunities. This page is to connect you with the people who are going to be offering such services to you. ALL events that take place such as weekly group runs, personal 1 on 1 coaching, trail runs on any day that ends in Y, or anything related to the activities of an SCTR event, or anything you do leading up to an SCTR event is the sole responsibility of the person doing that. SCTR is NOT responsible for any injuries that may arise (after all it is trail running, even I have dislocated my finger) or anything foreseeable or not and therefore by attending ANY training run you are releasing SCTR, Scott English or any of the affiliates with Salt City Trail Running of any and all liability. 

Lets push those boundaries back

Meet the newest SCTR family member, affiliate, long time friend, coach, training buddy, ultra runner, straight up bad a$$ ... and so on!!





Use the following form to indicate interest in the program:

So what's the deal you ask?!

When I started running I thought it was extremely hard and have made many mistakes along the way. Luckily for me, I had a group of runners that I would routinely meet with every Sunday that were WAY more experienced than me! Salt City Trail Running has always and will forever be about the community and sharing out experiences with everyone else, whether it is someone brand new to trail running or a veteran looking for some new advice. THAT IS OUR GOAL!!


Starting this January (weekday and time still to be determined) Kristen Roe will be leading FREE group runs twice a week, once on a weekday and once on a weekend. The goal of these runs is to get people together (safely amid COVID) and share experiences and grow as runners. This is not something we think you should have to pay for! 

Sometimes we might need just a little bit more than some group runs and chatting with our new friends. Sometimes we might have a specific trail race that we are training for, or venturing into a new distance, or maybe just a new diet that we want some more help on with our runs. 

Kristen will be offering some more individualized and specific training programs for athletes who are interested in hiring her on as a coach above and beyond the typical training received during these group runs. The pricing on this will vary based on the amount of level that you choose.

Thank you all for such an awesome community!!

Training and coaching Interest indication form:

Please complete the following form with your contact information, this information will be passed along to the coaches. Please use the form to indicate your interest level in the program being offered from the group runs to the individualized coaching.

Are you interested in attending the weekday and/or weekend group runs? (Free of charge)
Are you interested in basic individualized training programs?
Are you interested in a more specialized individualized training programs?

Thank you! I am THRILLED to be offering this experience to you all and having the opportunity to meet you and run with you more often!

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