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My name is Scott English. You probably don't know that name unless we have run together or you have happened to run one of my races at this point. I am NOT a fast runner, I do not win races, I don't stand out other than my bright colored shirts. What am I? A TRAIL RUNNER. I absolutely love the trails. The course of my life changed in 2010 when I decided to do my first 5k, the Durkee's Bread Run in Fabius, NY. I couldn't run 1.5 blocks from my house to the park down the street without walking.

From there I went on the path of becoming an ultra runner. I was hooked. 2011 I wanted to try triathlon and did a sprint distance tri, which was QUITE difficult to say the least. From there, with the help of "my guys" that I run with almost every Sunday I progressed farther then I ever thought possible. My friend T. Hollely introduced me to some real crazy runners, speaking of distances of 100 miles, or 135 miles through death valley. I couldn't believe the people he introduced me to, I was shell shocked. How crazy are these people? 

2013 I ran Philly Marathon for my first marathon. Not 3 months before the race I said I would never do something like that. I can remember the moment in Hollely's truck when I said your nuts dude, I'll never do a marathon. I went to spectate my friend Maxon's first Ironman in Coeur D'alene, Idaho and was amazed again. I said to myself if I ever want to do this, I have to run a marathon. Hollely said he'd run Philly with me and so we trained. Without him I never would have signed up for the race. 

2014 was the busiest racing year I ever had with 11 races including my first 50k and first real trail race. It was just the upmost amazing experience put on by a local running store near Raleigh, NC called the Mountains to Sea Trail Challenge. Then in 2015 I decided it was time to make the attempt at the 50 mile distance with one attempt at Febapple Frozen 50 with temperatures that ranged from 0-10 degrees for the whole race, a second attempt at my favorite race Glacier Ridge Trail Ultra where the average temp was 95. Neither of those races ended with a 50 mile completion but I did not let those DNF's deter my drive for the distance. FINALLY, Mt. Hood 50 was the most successful race I had to date, put on by the amazing Go Beyond Racing, with a strong finish and my current 50 mile PR. 

Then finally in 2016 it was the year of 100. Again by Go Beyond racing, a 100 I would recommend to anyone who wants to travel for a race, the Mountain Lakes 100 in Oregon. In 2012 when I started running with the group on Sunday's I absolutely NEVER thought I would ever accomplish the 100 mile distance, but what I will tell you and anyone else ....

IF YOU WANT IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Trail running is a love of the outdoors and pushing yourself. So, let's do this!!

Thank you for your support and participation, I am beyond excited to bring you these races.

My Motto ...

The darker side of things continued on pg 2

Don't question IF you can do it, KNOW you can do it.

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