Clark 6-hour Classic

October 23rd, 2021

Registration Opens May 1st, 2021

Price Increases July 1st, 2021

Second Increase is September 1st, 2021

        Have you ever run a timed event? If not DON'T BE SCARED!!! There is no reason to be nervous about the idea of running for 6 hours ... 

This event will be run on a course similar to that of our Table Rock Trail Challenge. We are going to be lengthening the course out to a 1.7 mile loop that we will run continuously for 6 hours. The race will start at 8am and end at 2pm where in that time you must get in as many laps you possibly can.


Run 1 lap or 20, run as much as you possibly can within the time listed. As you come around the laps your bib number will be recorded and therefor MUST be worn on the front of your person.

There will be ONE aid station for the event and that will be at the start/finish line with typical race food/drink. You can leave anything you want near the pavilion in your own drop bag BUT IT MUST FIT WITHIN PARK RULES/REGULATIONS. Nothing that is prohibited in the park is permitted in your bag.



Click HERE for course map




For any additional information just ask!